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With Desk-up, it's up to you now how you want to slant your reading or writing, your home­work, or your laptop com­puter: Desk-up brings both your favourite reads and your working doc­u­ments into a com­fort­ably slanted po­si­tion while al­lowing you to main­tain an er­gonom­i­cally cor­rect pos­ture. You will feel your back, shoulder, and neck mus­cles no­tice­ably relax. Desk-up per­mits you to read and work com­fort­ably ev­ery­where you choose. At your desk, on your favourite sofa, in bed... And it goes without saying that Desk-up is ca­pable of holding cookery books, photo al­bums, light sheets of music, or heavy files easily all by it­self.

Abstrakt Geschwindigkeit


Sitting up straight is not only more ergonomic in the long run but also significantly less tiring.

Ergonomie_ohne DeskUp

Without Desk-up:

Reading, writing, and working with an arched back – means putting a constant strain on the spine, intervertebral discs and the back muscles.

Ergonomie_mit DeskUp

With Desk-up:

Sitting up straight is not only more ergonomic in the long run but also significantly less tiring. For both kids and grown-ups!

Makes reading, writing, working healthier and more comfortable.

Improves posture and prevents tension.


When your laptop, books and texts are lying flat on the table, the eyes are unpleasantly directed downwards and the neck muscles may become tense. Not so with Desk-up: It’s height adjustable in two positions which helps to keep the head and body posture straight, preventing unpleasant discomfort. Leading experts confirm this. Desk-up offers you a maximum of comfort and makes a valuable contribution to your health and well-being.


Abstrakt Geschwindigkeit


When you are not using your Desk-up it folds totally flat and won't take any space at all..

Position 1 | Angle 10°

Is ideal for writing, drawing, reading, and working on your laptop computer, iPad or E-Reader.

Position 2 | Angle 30°

Depending on the angle of light incidence and your sitting position, Position 2 ensures the required and ergonomically correct inclination. Additionally Desk-up serves as a document holder (single sheets, books, files, albums,...). Discover the possibilities.


Schräge Geschichte

Slanted his­tory...

Since hun­dreds of years people who were reading and writing a lot have pref­ered a com­fort­able po­si­tion.

Moderne Schräglage

...comfortable future

In­spired by the ex­pe­ri­ence of gen­er­a­tions as well as by the fact that even today, we in­stinc­tively hold our reading matter at a cer­tain angle in order to be able to enjoy it in re­laxed com­fort, the idea for Desk-up was born. Simple, prac­tical, flex­ible, mo­bile, el­e­gant and durable – these were the chal­lenges we had to meet when de­signing this pro­duct. Give this re­sult of in­ten­sive de­vel­op­ment and testing a try. And dis­cover the won­derful an­gles the fu­ture holds for you.

Abstrakt Geschwindigkeit

Materials and care


With careful at­ten­tion to ma­te­rials and work­man­ship, Desk-up is man­u­fac­tured in three dif­ferent pro­duct groups.


We rec­om­mend you ob­serve the fol­lowing in­struc­tions, so you can enjoy your Desk-up for a very long time:

To clean your pro­duct, wipe it with a soft and dry or slightly wet cloth.

You should keep your pro­duct dry and pro­tect it from di­rect sources of heat.

Abstrakt Geschwindigkeit

Sizes and weight

Small | 21 x 23 cm | 0.3kg

The perfect size for your iPad, e-Reader, smaller books, your personal organizer and much more. Fits in any bag.

Medium | 36 x 29 cm | 0.7kg

Exactly the right size for your laptop computer, the most common book formats and small notebooks.

X-Large | 44 x 32 cm | 0.9kg

Ideal for larger volumes, coffee-table books, magazines and small-sized newspapers, exercise books, stamp albums, files and sheet music. It can also accommodate the keyboard of your computer in an ergonomic fashion.


Discover the variety of applications. For more comfort and well-being.

Dr, Fliesser

Thanks to the upright posture forced by Desk-up the cervical spine and the shoulder-neck-area are relaxed.


I was given the opportunity, to test Desk-up in my medical practice and at home with family for some months. In doing so I realized that the mobile and lightly slanting desktop implicates some key advantages.

Usual horizontal working- or reading-spaces in school as well as in the office urge people to adopt an attitude which is unnaturally incriminating for the cervical spine, for example while reading, writing or drawing. Thanks to the upright posture forced by Desk-up the cervical spine and the shoulder-neck-area are relaxed. The thoracic spine is straightened up and the position of the pelvis is ergonomically better.

Due to the handy size of Desk-up, which is easily adjustable, the static position is corrected to a dynamic stress of the spine. This dynamic sitting leads to a constant relief of the spine. It is no coincidence we all prefer reading books and papers in a slanted way compared to the horizontal position. Instinctively we act right and so relief the musculoskeletal system.

It was nice to watch how children naturally and enthusiastically acted with Desk-up leading to an instinctive improvement of their position while reading or writing. For me the idea of Desk-up not only brings advantages for children but also for the back muscles and intervertebral discs of grown-ups. It is therefore easily possible to support and beneficially affect our health and well-being.


Dr. med. univ. Helmut Fliesser,
Specialist in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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